Advantage Claim Prevention
8 Extensions
PBX Systems
Internet Connection: Own Internet service provided

Hosted Systems
Own Internet
service provided

Clark Search Group
Num of phones lines and extensions:
PBX Systems
Own Internet service provided

Installed Cisco inhouse PBX 1 line 30 extensions
PRI for incoming phone lines
Do network support as well as phone systems
Setup phone on existing infrastructure

Elite Staffing Solutions Inc
Hosted PBX with 8 extensions
Seperate ADSC internet for voice & data
Install cat6 POE
Internal requirements: Cat6, POE, multiple routers.:

Inhouse Cisco PBX
12 lines 20 extensions
Support since 2008 include Cisco smart net

Instant Imprints
Hosted PBX with 1 extension
Serve clients in GTA but located in Mexico

Obsidian Group Inc
Cisco inhouse PBX 25 extensions
Internet provided by others
We support LAN as well as phone systems

Trans Globin International Inc
Cisco inhouse PBX has incoming SIP over 8 lines internet
8 SIP trunks Extensions 24
Since 2011 16 lines 24 extensions

Workflow International
Hosted PBX for 16 extensions
Internet provided by others
Provide cisco phones. Configure cellphone for some extension



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